Hi Jeff!

I just ordered your book and am so excited to read it. I haven't had a brain injury but I have gone through breast cancer this past year. And I would have never found my mass if it wasn't for God! 

I found it while I was sleeping. I woke up and my finger looked like someone had placed it right on the knot. When I went to see the surgeon, he told me I shouldn't have been able to feel the lump. I knew that God had placed my hand there.

Anyway, after chemo and radiation, I, too, have had to find my normal again. It has taken so much out of me.

I can't wait to start reading your book. You have such a beautiful family and you remind me so much of your wonderful dad. Good luck with everything!

That was a message I received this past week from a high school classmate of mine. I love hearing stories like that. So amazing! I was so thankful she shared it with me. It was just another example of God working in someone's life. Another example of God's divine intervention.

And it got me thinking.  It is absolutely true that God responds to and answers our prayers, but he will also make himself known in our lives without our permission.  I believe that he is writing our stories even when we haven't handed him the pen yet! He is able to flip the script when we least expect it and when we aren't even aware we need him to take over the page

When I look back at what's taken place in my life over the past few years, I can see God almost everywhere I look. His fingerprints are all over my story.

But here's a beautiful truth I've come to realize. God had always been there. Even before May 3rd, 2012, he was already writing my story. But I'd been so busy trying to be the author myself that I couldn't see it. I wasn't truly seeing him.

I hope that I never take the pen back from the one who should have had it all along. Because as I've learned and am still learning, he is a much better author than me!



***What's your story?  What's the story God has written or is currently writing in your life? I would love to learn more about it and you never know who else might need to hear it.

Feel free to leave it in the comment section below or email me your story directly at newnormal5312@gmail.com. I want to start sharing these on my blog in the near future. Of course, I would only do this with your permission.

Thanks and share away!

- Jeff