“Flexitarians” are a group of people who are vegetarians but are willing to make exceptions. It would be, for example, someone who claims to be a vegetarian but still eats hamburgers. 

There’s also another group of people called "Christian flexitarians” who take a very similar approach to their faith. They believe in Jesus and proclaim to be devoted and committed to following Him, but this seems to mainly be true when it’s convenient for them or is advantageous for their lives. They believe in sin but personally decide which ones are okay and which ones aren’t. They obey many of God's commandments but often choose for themselves which ones are more important.

I can’t relate to the first group, but, sadly, I can relate a lot to the second!

I claim to be a fully committed follower of Jesus but I often pick and choose the truths of the Bible that are important to apply to my life. I obey the “easy” commandments but ignore the ones that seem too difficult or require too much of my time, energy, or resources. I make many of my decisions based on whether or not my level of comfort will be affected instead of listening to and doing what God is calling me to do. 

But the beautiful truth of the gospel is that God entered our world as Jesus, the only “non-flexitarian” who ever walked the face of this earth.

Jesus came and lived a spotless life and never wavered from what he believed and stayed fully committed to what he professed. And then because of his undying and reckless love for us, even when knowing that we’d continue to have an imperfect and faltering faith, Jesus would ultimately give his life away to save us.

That’s the kind of love that makes people want to be all in for Jesus and has the power to change “Christian flexitarians” into something much greater and much different than they ever thought was possible.