Many leaving the church today say they are doing so because of the “imperfect” people who make it up. I can certainly understand their reason for exiting because some followers of Jesus don’t act anything like the one they claim to be following.

You know, there’s no doubt in my mind that Jesus is saddened by these “imperfect” people, but I wonder if Jesus is saddened just as much by those giving up on the church and abandoning it altogether because of them.

God’s rescue plan to save the lost and restore this broken world could have all been carried out by himself. He really didn’t need our help. He had all the power and authority to do it on his own power. But he didn’t! He chose to include us. He chose to include his “imperfect” church.

So please don’t leave a church simply because of “imperfect” people! A perfect God just might need you and your imperfections to stay and help him!