You would think most medical doctors would be well versed in the signs and symptoms of a brain injury. This wasn't the case for me. I was not enlightened on the subject matter.

But over the last five years, I have been forced to learn a lot more about the topic. I didn't get all this extra education in an effort to pass some medical boards exam. It was so I could learn more about myself and what was going on in my injured brain. I was trying desperately to figure out why I felt so different when I looked exactly the same. 

I knew other people were just as confused about my brain injury as I was because of the words they spoke.  Many well-meaning folks would say things such as "You look great" or "So glad you are back to normal." Not wanting to sound ungrateful for my miraculous recovery, I would rarely correct these people. But I knew I was different. My brain injury had changed me. I wasn't "normal." The "normal" I once knew was a thing of the past.

This "new normal" was something I had denied for quite a long time after my brain injury. Even after accepting it, I still didn't know what this would even mean for me. What was it supposed to look like? How could I ever explain it to others?

I am very happy to say this is something that is getting easier for me. This "new normal" is something I am discovering more about each and every day, and I hope to become better at sharing all that I am learning.