For as long as I can remember, I have believed and trusted in Jesus. But when it came to my faith, I always made sure to stay as "normal" as possible. I was very careful not to stand out too much from the crowd. I didn't want to go overboard when it came to anything Jesus-related.

My focus on maintaining normalcy in regards to my faith unfortunately led to me becoming "lukewarm," which I have since discovered is something that Jesus despises (See Revelation 3:16). And here's the scary thing. I wasn't even aware of it.  

I was supernaturally awakened to my own "lukewarmness," (See My Story) and after this awakening, started a faith journey that I am still on to this day. (Note: God can use and redeem our difficult times to wake us from our "lukewarmness")

I have learned and am still learning that when compared to the world's definition of "normal," Jesus desires for us to be the opposite. We should be, and will be, considered strange, different, weird, quirky, peculiar (1 Peter 2:9), or any other adjective meaning the same. 

Now that I understand this truth, I no longer live in fear of being labeled any of these terms. In fact, I am finding the opposite to be true. I fear being called "normal."

So I guess you could say, "Abnormal has become my new normal."  And much unlike it was before, I'm okay with that!