(The following is a fictional story but could very well be true)

I sat down with my MacBook, determined to write a book detailing my entire life. Liking to keep things simple, I quickly decided two chapters would be enough to tell the whole story.

Chapter One: Before My Brain Injury

Chapter Two: After My Brain Injury

But as I began writing it, I immediately began to feel a little uneasy. I was uncomfortable with what I'd chosen to call the second chapter.

It didn't sit well with me. I felt I was being dishonest with my book's readers.  You see, in my mind, the word "after" indicates a sense of finality. It gives the impression that something has ended. But my brain injury didn't. It hasn't left me, nor will it ever. So the term "after" needed to be changed to something else before I kept going. The problem was I had no idea what this new word would be. 

So because I'm not the greatest wordsmith, I had to use a Webster's Dictionary to assist me in my search.¹ I needed to find a more truthful word that would better represent the second chapter of my life story.   Well, I finally figured out what it would be. The word would be "wake." 

Now growing up, I always thought of "wake" as "the water behind a moving boat."  If you did too, you're probably wondering, "That seems like such an odd choice."Why did he choose wake?"  Well, I found an alternate definition for the word. "Wake" is also defined as "the aftermath or consequences of something." This seemed to be more like it. "Wake" more accurately described my second chapter because "the aftermath or consequences" of my brain injury is something I will be dealing with for the rest of my life. 

After figuring that out, I was ready to give it another shot.

Chapter One: Before My Brain Injury

Chapter Two:  The Wake of My Brain Injury

Yeah, so that looked better to me

Now I could start writing again.


¹ Okay, if I'm being honest, I used dictionary.com and thesaurus.com!