"God doesn’t care about who we once were, He cares who we are now. He doesn’t care what we are known for, He cares that we know Him."

Thomas, one of the first twelve disciples of Jesus, is most commonly remembered for his skepticism. He is frequently and infamously referred to as “doubting” Thomas because of his insistence on seeing the nail marks in the hands of Jesus before believing in his resurrection. 

But Thomas did much more than "doubt." Before being martyred for his undying faith and belief in Jesus Christ, Thomas was responsible for traveling to India and planting the Christian church. According to a 2011 census, that country now has approximately 27.8 million Christ followers.

If you are like me and have ever worried about being forever identified by your biggest mistake or failure, you can find hope and assurance in this story. God completely redeemed “doubting” Thomas. His uncertainty did not disqualify him from being used by God in a big way. God transformed this unsure, hard to convince man into an unwavering, world changing, fully committed believer, and I am confident He can do the same for us.