Because of the way God’s been wonderfully, beautifully, and mercifully rewriting my story, I’m often asked by others, “Are you actually thankful for your brain injury?”

For the longest time. my answer to these people was, “No! Not at all! I wished it had never happened and I’m ready for it to go away!” But when God began to change my heart, I started gaining a new perspective on what was taking place in my life. And when others asked me the same question after that, I felt like my answer had changed as well.

However, I still could never find the right words to answer them in a way where I felt like I was being completely honest, in a way that represented how I genuinely felt, and in a way that would make sense.

Then one day I remembered something I wrote a couple years ago that started out as a goodbye letter to my brain injury. I know it won’t make any sense to you yet, but it was in this “goodbye” letter that I found the words I was looking for!