Every time I tell MY STORY, I wonder if the people listening to it or reading about it are saying to themselves, “Yeah, Jeff sure has a great story but I really have nothing like that to share.” That's because I used to think the exact same thing. Until just a few years ago, I didn’t feel like anyone would want to hear my story either. But I was so wrong in my thinking. I have learned that we don’t need a so-called "powerful" or "dramatic" story to affect or help others.

You see, I didn't realize it yet, but long before the day of my near-fatal car accident, long before I sustained a life-changing brain injury, I already had a story to tell. The truth is we all have one! Despite what we tend to think and what the world is constantly telling us, our stories don’t need some sort of emotionally driven plot line to make a difference. No matter how boring you think it is, no matter how pointless you think it would be to share, each one of us has a story that needs to be told! Each one of us has a story that someone needs to hear!



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