I recently connected with a young wife and mother named Jenna on social media. Jenna's husband, Brian, suffered a traumatic brain injury just a short while ago and they are starting to travel the long, hard road to recovery. I spoke with her briefly on Instagram last night, trying to offer her a few words of hope and encouragement. 

It was towards the end of our chat that I asked Jenna the following question:


"Later this week will be the 6th year anniversary of my accident and I was planning on sharing a short and simple blog post on that day. I've been really struggling to decide on what that was going to be. If you're okay with it, I think I just wrote it when I was talking with you?"  

Thankfully, she was okay with it!

"Based on the prognosis for those with my type of brain injury, I know the fact I am able to do what I’m doing right now is undoubtedly an absolute miracle. But like I've said before, the experts/doctors also predicted that because of the severity of my injury I had only about 5-10 years of “meaningful” life left to live. Now, I know and trust that the God who's orchestrating all of this is way bigger and far greater than any of these statistics. But at the same time, I don't want to take things for granted. I don't want to miss out on the chance to tell people my story. That's why I've decided to share my story in whatever way I can, to whoever I can, the best that I can, for as long as I can!"

Exactly six years ago today, my life was changed forever. A new chapter began. My story started to be rewritten. And here's something I hope to always keep in mind and I pray others will always take away when I'm telling it. The main point of this story isn't my brain injury. The main person I want you to see in my story isn't me. The main reason I am telling it is that I want you to see the one who's truly writing it. Because I know the same mighty, loving God who's writing my story can write one full of hope, redemption, and purpose for you, too!


*** Let's all try to remember to be in prayer for Brian, Jenna, and their entire family as they go through this challenging and difficult time.

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