After my brain injury, I had every intention of just going back to live with my old roommate. He was a longtime friend of mine and we’d always gotten along so great. He was someone I knew very well and I always knew what to expect from him. But for some reason, when I got home from the hospital, I learned he had moved out and some strange new roommate I’d never met before had taken his place.

At first, I wasn’t nice to my new roommate. I told him we’d never be friends, to just stay away from me, and that I had no interest in getting to know him better. I went on and explained how it was only going to be a temporary stay and he should start looking for another place to live when my old roommate was ready to come back, which I just knew could be anytime soon! However, one day I realized he wasn’t coming back. My old roommate had left for good.

It wasn't until I accepted that my old roommate had moved on that I finally started giving my new roommate a chance. I figured that I should probably at least try to get to know him a little better. And, you know what, I’ve been finding out he’s not nearly as bad as I thought

I mean, my new roommate is lot different than my old one and definitely has some pretty annoying quirks. He sleeps a lot. He doesn’t like loud noises. He’s always reading books. He asks a lot of questions, often times the same ones he just asked me earlier. He always want to talk about really serious stuff. He’s a little high strung at times and has a hard time relaxing. He can’t pay attention for any time at all. He gets easily annoyed by things that seem so insignificant. And he gets so fixated on such trivial matters.

But, despite all of these irritating qualities, I‘m actually starting to get used to my new roommate. There are even some days I enjoy having him around. You should stop by and meet him someday - I think you might like him too!