Yesterday, my family and I went up by Nashville to make a video where we all got the chance to tell the story God has written and is still writing in our lives. On the way up there, I, naturally, started talking with my kids about my accident.

I told them about how I should have died. I also explained how I should not have recovered to the extent that I have. I brought up how based on the type and severity of my brain injury, my doctors can’t explain how I’m doing many of the things I’m doing today. 

But here’s the thing about me saying all this to them. Somehow, I had forgotten it all! Here lately, I’ve been frustrated and disappointed because of all the things I’ve lost and have stopped focusing on all I’ve gained. So as these words were coming out of my mouth, I realized I needed to hear them just as much, maybe even more, than my children did. 

Right then and there I apologized to my kids for failing to remember and embrace the very things I had just explained to them. I had forgotten that we were living in the midst of a miracle. May I never lose sight of this unbelievable truth!