Although action movies aren’t typically my first choice, I recently decided to sit down with my kids and watch one of the classics, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 

There’s a memorable scene in the film where Indy comes to the edge of a cliff and needs to reach the other side where there’s a grail that contains the power to save his dying father. He knows time is quickly running out and he needs to get across the ravine, but he sees absolutely no way to get over there. Indy then remembers he brought with him a guidebook. He takes it out and looks inside where he reads "It's a leap of faith."

Indy really has no clue what these words mean at first, but after just a short while, he suddenly gets an idea and courageously decides to step out into the empty ravine where his feet find solid ground. He then continues blindly making his away across the wide chasm and keeps on finding more and more solid ground until he finally reaches the life-saving grail on the other side.

I realized soon after watching this scene that this was how we should be living as Christians. (I now realize that I am not the first person ever to come up with this idea, but that’s okay!) However, if I’m being honest, the way I’d always lived my life Christian looked nothing like this. The Christian path I’d grown up walking on was paved with certainty and comfort. I rarely took any chances and always had to be confident about my next step before deciding to move forward. I wanted to make sure I knew what was going to happen “second” before I ever went “first.” But I have been learning that this is not the kind of life God has called us Christians to live. He calls us to so much more.

When I began to understand that God’s always with us and that He’ll never leave us, I realized how we can courageously take our next step and follow Him even when we can’t clearly see where He’s leading us.