I call my blog Finding Normal.  I call it this because as I set out to recover from brain injury, I was trying to find and live out what I used to call "normal."  And I was willing to do whatever it required to make this happen.  But along this journey, God showed me something much greater and I realized  I didn't want normal back after all. 

What I had called normal was characterized by misplaced priorities, a lukewarm faith, pride disguised as humility, selfishness disguised as generosity, a half-hearted devotion to God's commandments, and a misguided attempt at following Jesus.

But God has shown me a greater way to live.  He showed me something that I had missed for many years of being a Christian.  And instead of normal, God showed me purpose, the same purpose God has for anyone that calls themselves a Christian, to love Him and love the people He made.  I hope that this becomes my new normal.