Every time I’m trying to decide whether or not to help someone in need, I wrestle with the same types of questions:

  • Do they really need it?

  • Are they just trying to take advantage of me?

  • Won’t somebody else do it?

  • Is this something they should be doing for themselves?

  • Will they even appreciate it?

  • What have they ever done for me?

I realize these might be important questions to consider when deciding the best thing to do for someone. However, I’ve been noticing an unfortunate pattern in my life. It seems that often after internally debating these questions, I end up doing nothing at all. As I’m taking my time and carefully contemplating the right decision to make, the opportunity to help passes me by.

But I want to be different! I want to start “helping” like Jesus, who even while knowing there’d be many who’d never accept Him, many who’d take advantage of Him, many who’d never fully appreciate Him, and who knew He’d never get paid back, still chose to freely give up His own life to help us - to save us!


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