I haven’t ever owned or worn a WWJD bracelet and was never quite sure why that was? I mean, as a self-proclaimed follower of Jesus, I always knew that “What Would Jesus Do” was an important question to be reminded of and something I needed to ask myself every day, several times a day. But I think I might know now why I was never motivated to wear one of these formerly very popular Christian fashion accessories. It’s because WWJD is a question!

I guess I always knew deep down that my typical response, when presented with a question, was just to make sure I knew the right answer but then do little to nothing else with what I knew. Simply having the knowledge without doing anything in response to that knowledge really didn’t seem like something I should be encouraging myself to partake in. It reminded me of the old saying, “Talk is cheap!”

However, I’ve recently come up with an idea for a new bracelet, one that’s very similar to the old one I just described to you.

With this new bracelet, the WWJD would be changed to DWJD and the question “What Would Jesus Do” would be changed to the command “Do What Jesus Did.” I thought and I hoped that maybe this simple one-letter change could lead me to stop just knowing and saying what Jesus did but to start actually doing it instead!


* Blog post image/artwork by Jeremy Cowart