WWJD bracelets have long been worn by many well-meaning Christians, and for very good reason! That’s because “What Would Jesus Do” is such an important question for people who are supposedly following Jesus to be reminded of on a regular basis. However, as a self-proclaimed Jesus follower for many years, my response when presented with this question was typically to try and give the correct answer but then do little to nothing else with what I knew.

     So I recently came up with an idea for a new kind of bracelet where the WWJD is changed to DWJD and the question “What Would Jesus Do” becomes the command “Do What Jesus Does.”

Could this simple one-letter change could lead me to stop just saying what Jesus does but to instead start actually doing it?

Could it transform this stagnant, passive, and lukewarm Christian into a more purposeful, active, vibrant, growing, thriving, and compelling one?   

    I can’t say for certain it will but I sure hope it does!


*** A big thanks to Jeremy Cowart for letting me use his originally created digital illustration as the image for this post!