Sometimes we make conscious decisions and invite the uncomfortable into our lives. Other times, it comes uninvited and we are forced to deal with it.  Either way, the way we respond to it is critically important to growing in our Christian faith. But in addition to being a stimulant for spiritual growth, the way we handle the uncomfortable, both invited and uninvited, has the potential to be our best tool for evangelism and sharing the gospel.  

Others should see something extraordinary, or peculiar, in how we (Christians) deal with the "uncomfortable." We should stand out from the crowd in the way we deal with it. (Quick thought for a possible future post: People should also be intrigued by the way we deal with our successes and victories.) The way we navigate change, newness, difficulties, loss, heartbreak, etc. should be "abnormal."

As I am finishing up this short series on comfort, I don't want you to misunderstand me. I am not claiming that "comfort" is always a bad thing. Neither am I saying that comfort is something I have totally abandoned. It is still something I am naturally drawn to pursue. But I have come to the realization that the type of life Jesus lived and the type He has envisioned for His followers is one that occasionally involves some discomfort. As a result, I am trying to stop running from it, but instead, embrace it and see what God is trying to teach me through it. 

People who are watching us, and rest assured, they are watching, will start asking questions about where we are finding our perspective, strength, and courage during these "uncomfortable" times. When they ask us, we can share with them our answer, Jesus.