Finding Normal: An Uninvited Change, An Unexpected Outcome by jeff huxford, M.d.

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     In May of 2012, Jeff Huxford, M.D. was in a near-fatal car accident, escaping death but suffering a severe traumatic brain injury. This devastating event led Jeff on a journey to a new life and a true purpose.

     After the brain injury took away his ability to practice medicine, Jeff learned a multitude of wonderful truths about God and he found his value and purpose rooted in Christ. In his debut book, Finding Normal (Morgan James Publishing), Jeff talks about these truths, the truths that changed his heart and moved him away from his previous life of "lukewarm Christianity" towards an authentic faith and true relationship with Jesus.

     Jeff's book not only helps readers understand the reality of a brain injury, but shows how God can make "beauty from ashes." It tells the inspirational story of a seemingly hopeless and pointless tragedy being transformed into something absolutely beautiful. It's sure to offer hope to anyone facing adversity.

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What a story! Your "normal" might not look exactly like Jeff's, but I know it's going to contain some things you weren't expecting. Jeff's tale of how he rebuilt his life will give you the courage to weather the storms you face, too.

Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling Author


Normal is something many of us try to find. But God often reveals that his path of disruption is far more beautiful than our plan of normal. Jeff’s story is very clear proof of that. I highly recommend this book.

Jeremy Cowart, Photographer & Founder of The Purpose Hotel


It was about a year ago when I first sat down with Jeff and heard his amazing story. Finding Normal beautifully captures what I heard that day. Read this book… the pages are filled with honest, raw and hope-filled redemption.

—Darren Whitehead, Founder & Lead Pastor at Church of the City, Franklin, TN


I’ve personally seen Jeff and Jacqui rely on their faith through times of immense trial. I can't imagine “finding normal” when everything you once knew is suddenly different. I am inspired by how they are living out their faith and sharing their story.

—Tasha Layton, Pastor, Teacher, & Worship Leader


Jeff and his remarkable story are a bold reminder that we can use what makes us weird to make our world more wonderful.

—CJ Casciotta, Author & Media Maker


Jeff’s story is a reminder that nothing in this life is within our control, no matter how in control we feel, and nothing in life is outside of God’s plan, no matter how alone or aimless we believe ourselves to be.

—Keith Smith, Producer & Member of TobyMac’s DiverseCity Band


In Finding Normal, Jeff shares his amazing story in such a vulnerable and powerful way. This book clearly presents a beautiful picture of hope and restoration for all who will read it.

—Curtis Zackery, Pastor & Author of Soul Rest


I know Jeff’s book will inspire and encourage everyone who reads it. His story is life changing and I am blessed to call him a close friend.

—Jack Vale, Comedian & Producer


Coming from someone who has personally dealt with a near fatal injury, making permanent new challenges and new realities, I guarantee Jeff’s story will encourage you on your journey to finding a new normal.

Aaron “Canon” McCain, Hip-Hop Artist


Jeff’s book is sure to inspire and encourage anyone who has been through or is currently enduring a difficult season in their life.

—Jarrid Wilson, Pastor, Author of Love Is Oxygen & Founder of Anthem of Hope


Jeff’s story is a reminder to hold all that we have with open hands, trusting that the Lord’s plans are better than our own. It is a story of loss but ultimately of redemption and victory,

—Becca Bradley, Christian singer, songwriter, & multi-instrumentalist


This book will challenge you, uplift you and inspire you. Jeff’s story is one that needs to be heard. Read this book.

—Jason Romano, Author of Live to Forgive & Host of the Sports Spectrum Podcast


Jeff’s story is not only one of personal tragedy and triumph; it is also one that paints a beautiful picture of God’s sovereignty over our circumstances.

—Kellie & Kristen, Worship Leaders & Songwriters

About the Author


      Jeff Huxford, M.D. was a family doctor in northwest Indiana for ten years before having to retire due to complications from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). He has since become a blogger, author, and speaker. 

     in 2016, Jeff moved to Franklin, TN with his wife, Jacqui, and their two children, Jayse and Jenna. He is an avid reader, diehard Cincinnati Reds fan, hot chicken aficionado, and can usually be found at a field or court somewhere around Nashville watching his kids play sports. 

     You can reach Jeff at


All the net proceeds from thr sale of finding normal go directly to Hope after brain injury, a faith-based non-profit organization devoted to educating, equipping, and encouraging anyone affected by brain injury.