“I’m never gonna change. If I change that means I was wrong once.”

- Unknown

Although I never said these words out loud for others to hear, I undoubtedly uttered them to myself quite often. You see, I spent most of my life with this attitude and mindset. I avoided change because it was scary, unknown, and complicated. And yes, it was a sign to others that I had once been wrong. And I never wanted to admit that. But when I suffered my brain injury in 2012, change came anyway. Among the many things that have changed since then has been the way I view “change” itself. And this change in perspective about “change” is something for which I’ll be forever grateful.

While I used to see change in such a negative light, I began to see it in a whole new way.  I now know that without change, we become stagnant. We get stuck. We stop growing. Yes, I still recognize that change is hard. It can be uncomfortable. It can be inconvenient. But I've learned to be okay with change.

I guess I could say it like this: 

"I've learned to be okay with being wrong once. I just don’t want to stay that way!"



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