I don't routinely watch action movies, but there's a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which I believe shows us how we should live as Christians. 

In the scene, Indy comes to the edge of a cliff and needs to reach the other side. The other side holds the Grail containing the power to save his dying father. But there is no "visible" way to get there. He looks at his guidebook which reads,"It's a leap of faith." At first, he is unsure about the meaning of this. After a short time he realizes the significance of what he is reading and courageously steps out into the empty ravine where his feet find solid ground. He continues blindly making his away across the chasm and finds more and more solid ground, ultimately reaching the life-saving Grail.

The symbolism contained in the scene never made sense until recently. The Christian road I had walked was paved with comfort. I didn't take many chances and was always confident about the next step before moving forward.

But I am learning this is not the kind of life God has called us to live. Because we know what God has already done, we know He can be trusted. We can live courageously and willingly take chances. And when God is calling us to action, we can trust him and move forward. Even when the next step is unseen.