They call someone who accepts Jesus "born again." So I guess you could call me "born again, again." 


I "officially" became a Christian in middle school. At least, that was when I got baptized. It was when I declared myself to be a "follower of Jesus." But if I am being completely honest, I wasn't sure what I was claiming 

My lack of understanding led me to start trusting in what I have heard called the "inverted gospel." I wasn't following Jesus but I had asked Him to follow me. The center and the one ultimately in control of my life wasn't Jesus, It was me. This led me down a very dangerous path, and the scary thing was, I didn't even know it 

You see, I was more concerned about what God could do for me, not what I could do for Him. I figured I could handle most things on my own. I was focused on my works and figured I was "doing" enough, especially when compared to most of the other people I knew. And believe me, I was quite proficient in "not doing" what I wasn't supposed to do.

This was the case until May 3rd, 2012. That was when I started my "new beginning." As most of you already know, my brain was "changed" on that day. But soon after, God miraculously started changing my heart as well. And here's the thing. I had NOTHING to do with it. My heart was changed only by JESUS and the power of HIS gospel, someone and something I mistakenly believed I already knew everything about. When this happened, I felt like EVERYTHING about me started changing (and still is!)

I was becoming a new person and was finding new life.  Because of this "rebirth," I started tossing around the idea of being "re-baptized." Ultimately, I made the decision to do it. 

But I didn't get re-baptized because I felt my first baptism didn't "count" or hadn't "held up." 

I wanted to symbolize the "death" of who I once was and "birth" of who I am now.