My family and I recently traveled to Nashville to make a video, one where we would all talk about the story God has written and is still writing in our lives. As we were on our way, it seemed only natural to discuss with the kids some of the details they might want to talk about in the aforementioned video.

We talked about the miracle that I survived an accident I shouldn't have. We talked about the miracle that I'd I recovered to an extent they didn't think was possible and one that still can't be explained.  But as we were talking about these miracles, I came to the painful realization that, somehow, I had forgotten it all! I'd grown frustrated and disappointed because of all the things I’d lost and had stopped focusing what I’d gained. So I guess the words I was encouraging my kids to remember were the very ones I needed to be reminded of myself! 

Right then and there I apologized to my kids because I had failed to remember the very truths I had just so passionately explained to them.

I'd forgotten that we were still living in the midst of a miracle.